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11.01.2021 - EMC PARTNER


EMC-Partner: Latest generation Insulation test generator up to 30kV

Impulse insulation tester 1.2/50 µs from 500V to 30kV. Breakdown detection at generator or test object. Report generation and control from colour touch panel. Selectable impedance up to 500ohm.

INS-1250 family of impulse insulation testers for material insulation, components and electrical equipment safety for applications in both development and production environments. High accuracy internal or external measurement systems, can be programmed to detect breakdown with pass/fail criteria based on voltage and current impulse integral. Personnel safety ensured through an emergency stop, warning lamp and test cabinet, disabling high voltage circuits when activated.

Product Highlights:

• Programmable bi-directional interfaces for integration with a test bench.
• Impulse guaranteed at 2m cable connection
• Current and voltage integrals for breakdown detection
• Upgradeable hardware to increase test capability
• Designed for long duration production test environments 

Shortened Product Highlights: (max. 36)

• Functional test bench integration
• Impulse guaranteed at test point
• Programmable breakdown detection
• Long duration production testing
• Function upgrades protect investment

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