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17.04.2020 RFspin QRH67


New Quad Ridged Horn Antenna – Model QRH67 

We are happy to announce that RFspin has a new product on market. The QRH67 is a dual-polarized broadband antenna that operates from 6 to 67 GHz.

This top antenna, the only one in the world, is ideal for a wide range of millimeter-wave-applications, such as aerospace, defense systems, scientific research, RFI/EMI measurements or 5G testing. Every antenna is measured and together with unique serial number and QR code you can be sure of the top quality.

Find out more on manufacturer´s website:

The brand new model QRH67 is a wide-band, high-gain microwave dual-polarized ridged horn antenna. With a stable gain and low VSWR, thanks to two precision 1.85mm connectors, the QRH67 is ideal for a wide range of millimeter-wave applications, including line-of-sight (LoS) communication links, aerospace and defense systems, scientific research, and medical electronics systems, particularly for RFI/EMI measurements.

From the previous model of QRH50, this antenna covers the top frequency band up to 67GHz so it is especially useful for broadband test applications, including evaluating automotive millimeter-wave radar systems and over-the-air (OTA) testing of Fifth Generation (5G) cellular wireless microcells operating above 6 GHz. With a hybrid coupler, you can also create a circular polarization.

The mounting bracket allows easy adjustment for all polarizations and has a standard camera thread hole that allows fitting to many standard holders and tripods.

The antenna is manufactured in our own manufacturing center, where quality and precision are our top priority! Together with a quality surface finish, the antenna is lightweight, corrosion resistant and rugged.

Every antenna is measured in our laboratories and has a unique serial number with a QR code so along with the datasheet in paper form you will have always access to the online form via your mobile device. Only our top quality pieces are allowed to be sent to customers so we can guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

We believe that QRH67 will fully satisfy your needs!

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