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25.12.2020 - Testek Solution


Testek Soulutions -Trusted in Testing

The regulatory burdens for OEMs, MROs and operators make aerospace component testing a necessity. To run their businesses successfully, OEMs, MROs and operators need reliable, high-quality, supported test equipment that provides on-schedule certification testing results throughout every stage of the aircraft’s lifecycle – from development, to production, and through servicing and repair.

Testek’s equipment tests aircraft hydraulics, power generation, avionics, fuel, lube, actuator, and pneumatic components. Testek also helps customers design large-scale testing facilities with future testing demands and flexibility in mind.

Testek Solutions models can test the following power generation components:  

- APU Generators
- Auxiliary Starter Generators (ASG)
- Constant Speed Drives (CSD)
- Integrated Drive Generators (IDG)
- Starter Generators
- Variable Frequency Generators (VFG)
- Variable Frequency Starter Generators (VFSG)
- and more...

Once the equipment is installed and commissioned, Testek Solutions offers ways to leverage your solution to enhance capability and performance. Mechanical-Electrical Adapter Kits (MEAK) offer a cost effective means to add capability for testing new types of generators to an existing system. Test Stand modification kits can be added to improve the base solution by adding new resources and control solutions for advanced generator testing.