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Our company is focused on aviation, defense and scientific technologies from the company's existing experience. We can offer serious solutions for antenna measurements, testing and calibration such as Anechoic chamber with active phased array. Offered chambers are used for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), microwave and wireless testing, electromagnetic field measurement (EMF), high-frequency safety (RF) monitoring for personnel, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and acoustic media monitoring. 

EMC TEST Chambers

EMC rooms that combine secure testing with future viability EMC chambers are needed to examine the electromagnetic interaction between electrical devices and their environment in a neutral, stable and comparable setting. The EMC chamber prevents the penetration or the unwanted reflection of electromagnetic interference radiation. Test engineers use EMC chambers to measure how electrical systems emit high-frequency radiation, or they examine how a system behaves when it is exposed to interference radiation.

Shielding and absorption

Essential components of an EMC chamber firstly include the electromagnetic shielding in the form of a closed, electrically conductive frame, and secondly electromagnetic absorbers on the interior walls. The shielding works according to the principle of a Faraday cage and ensures that electromagnetic radiation is unable to penetrate or escape from the room. Electromagnetic absorbers on the interior walls ensure that the radiation for testing is not reflected. This enables the creation of comparable, constant test conditions.

Requirements for an EMC chamber

An EMC chamber must unequivocally prevent interference radiation in the long term. An EMC chamber system can only work if every single component functions reliably and all components are correctly aligned. Even the smallest mistakes like an incorrectly introduced cable or faulty door seals can allow interference radiation to enter the chamber and thus render it useless. Albatross Projects is among the leading specialists for the design and construction of EMC chambers – with decades of experience and over 10,000 installed chambers. We are familiar with the particular requirements of various industries and will design your room precisely as it is needed. Our rigorous quality management system ensures the quality of the installed components, as well as the project workflow and installation itself.