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Hydraulic Test Solutions


Hydraulic Test Solutions

Our modular configuration is affordable and scalable, allowing users to start with a base model designed for their current needs, with multiple upgrade paths for additional capabilities.

Standard Models Designed for Your Future

A Base for your Current Needs, an Upgrade Path for Tomorrow

Testek’s standard models are based on legacy Avtron models, which have an excellent reputation in the industry. Our standard models feature:

  • User-friendly operation and maintenance
  • Robust construction materials
  • State-of-the-art components and sub-systems
  • Serviceable life 30+ years

Testek systems are designed around well-defined upgrade paths. All systems are dynamically rated for up to 6,000 psi to account for components on next generation aircraft and include switchable dynamic, measurable flow paths accounting for most other hydraulic components. Each test stand includes 20% more input/output channels (I/O) available to allow for additional metering and control in the future. The upgrade path definition for hardware and software extends the average service life of the test equipment, thereby protecting your investment.

Custom Models for Custom Needs

Designed Using State-of-the-Art Technology and Engineering Solutions

The design and manufacturing process of our custom test stands follows a rigid stage-gate process, ensuring that the design and execution is complete and meets customer expectations. Characteristics of our custom hydraulic test stand designs include:

  • Manifolds to reduce potential leak spots, reduce the overall system footprint, and improve the system serviceability
  • Double-Wall Heat Exchangers as an extra safety feature to protect from cross-contamination between fluids
  • PLC Control with a graphic user interface to make the operation of the unit more accessible, offering more elaborate controls and modes of operation
  • Variable Displacement Pumps to increase energy efficiency
  • Specialized Valves to extend the control range
  • Semi-Automatic to Automatic control available
  • Poka Yoke error-proofing features to prevent assembly and setup mistakes