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Workswell Research and Development Series

WIC SDK & Libraries

Software Development Kit

Workswell provides a WIC SDK development library with each WIC stationary thermal camera that we deliver. The development library comprises all the information needed for end-user software design and implementation on a wide variety of operating systems and platforms. 

WIC SDK compatibility

The WIC Software Development Kit (SDK) is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems. Older, x86 processor PC platforms are supported along with modern, ARM-based single-board systems such as ODROID, Raspberry, NVIDIA, Tegra and Jetson. Clients can choose a development library in .dll or Dewesoft plugin formats. This enables the achievement of optimal final application output and significantly reduces total implementation time. 

How to use the SDK librariry

The WIC SDK contains a library of functions compiled into either .dll format, or a plugin for Labview, Matlab Simulink and Dewesoft. It includes a compilation of HTML help that offers examples to illustrate the application of diverse functions. Additionally, each client receives a list of functions and the latest version of the development code along with easy-to-orient documentation and functional examples. Workswell also provides a special testing service that determines the compatibility of the selected user platform – don’t hesitate to contact our support team with your requirements! 

Sdk functions & Possibilities


The WIC SDK enables:

  •  Camera connection (Connect, Disconnect)
  • Image reading (Start Acquisition)
  • Radiometry setting (Set Emissivity, Atmospheric temperature, Humidity)
  • Thermal camera Administration (Get Serial Number, Camera Status, Do NUC Calibration, Camera Reset, Camera Gain, Camera Body Temperature)
  • Functions for image manipulation (Get Maximum, Minimum Temperature, Select Pallets, Get RAW Data, Get Temperature Data, etc.),
  • And more…

Programmers utilize these functions to read and calibrate the thermal camera.

Key functions

  • Methods for the connection and control of WIC thermal cameras
  • Methods for reading RAW radiometry images 
  • Methods for reading RAW and temperature data 
  • Methods for thermal camera calibration reading
  • Methods for reading temperature statistics 
  • Methods for setting pallets and ranges

Unique features

  • Windows and Linux operating system support 
  • x86 (PC) and ARM processor support
  • Simultaneously connect multiple thermal cameras 
  • Ethernet and USB3 interface support
  • Compatible with WIC resolution 640, 336 and 160px
  • 14 bit RAW format or full thermal data