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RADIOMETRIC Inspection thermal camera

The Workswell WIRIS Pro is a fully radiometric thermal camera that has been specially designed for use with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones. The WIRIS Pro is at the forefront of a new generation of thermal cameras built for the most demanding applications, including industrial inspections, archaeology, and precision agriculture.

  • Aerial inspections
  • Thermal and RGB camera
  • High resolution
  • Lightweight design
  • High compatibility
  • Temp. measurement

State-of-the-art bispectral camera

The Workswell WIRIS Pro is a specially designed thermodiagnostic device. Its thermal camera is equipped with an LWIR microbolometric sensor with 640×512 px resolution (in the 7.5 – 13.5 μm range), and its ‘Super Resolution Mode’ functionality can deliver a final thermogram in 1266×1010 px resolution. The RGB camera comes with Full HD (1920 x 1080 px) resolution and provides an absolutely unrivalled optical ultrazoom 10x in real-time (6.9° to 58.2° field of vision). The highest possible temperature that the thermal camera can measure is 1,500 °C (2 732 °F). 

Three recording options 

Since the WIRIS Pro records a large amount of radiometric data over the course of a single inspection, we decided that it should be the only drone-mounted camera to have its own internal SSD. The WIRIS Pro comes in two storage capacities – 128 and 256 GB – and its data can be offloaded to an external USB drive or micro SD card as well.


Like all of Workswell’s WIRIS cameras, the WIRIS Pro thermal imager operates on the specially designed WIRIS OS platform. Workswell built the WIRIS OS to ensure the security of its WIRIS systems while enhancing their diagnostic capabilities. The WIRIS OS is simply the only software that enables the maximum utilization of the WIRIS Pro’s hardware. Together, Workswell’s hardware and software offer advanced measurement functions that cannot be replicated by any other product on the market.

Rugged construction

Industrial inspections are often carried out in demanding environments. As a result, there is a high risk that inspection cameras will be damaged during the course of their normal use. That’s why the WIRIS Pro is ensconced in a rugged case of lightweight aluminum. What’s more, the most sensitive component of the entire system, the thermal camera lens, is protected by a replaceable protective cap made of germanium.

Precise metrology 

We know that industrial applications present a serious challenge to metrological endeavors. To ensure the accuracy of our devices in the face of this challenge, we calibrate each of our lenses individually. Our thermal cameras are individually manufactured and precisely calibrated, and we deliver a final calibration certificate along with each unit.

The widest range of connectivity

Workswell’s WIRIS Pro offers an interface enabling the widest range of connections to the drone, the control unit, an external GPS sensor, and other devices. We provide a Wi-Fi low latency live video streaming and command link, and the WIRIS Stream SDK is also available.

Develop your own applications

Along with the Workswell WIRIS Pro, we provide an SDK (Standard Development Kit) that enables end-user application development. These libraries give access to low-level functionalities and help the application developer to maximize the potential of the camera’s hardware.

There are two SDK variants – the WIRIS Stream SDK, and the WIRIS Data SDK.

HW Communication, control ports and interfaces

  • S.BUS
  • CAN bus (DJI M600 and A3 controller compatible)
  • Ethernet (RJ 45 with RTPS streaming and control signals transmission option)
  • MavLink
  • GPS connection potential
  • External trigger

Technical information & documents